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Nādi Yoga empowers a channel back to your true self. Utilizing yoga to tap into the deeper and intricate layers of your "self", "being". Leading you to a different perspective that helps to recognize the difference between the ego and soul self. Utilizing your breath to clear a path of establishing clear communication and a healthy relationship to your body. We offer a space to allow you to listen, feel, and connect back to you, by shedding the layers which may not be true to you, your true self. Nādi facilitates your journey of embracing the human experience. Yoga connects your internal and external being by utilizing the body as a vessel to experience the "Human Experience". At Nādi Yoga Wellness, you will begin the journey of releasing narratives that we've set for ourselves that were seasoned with fear and self doubt. We use breath and movement to empower and heal the self, while you discover physical and mental strength you never knew you had. Yoga practice is constant, and a never ending journey of growth and self discovery. 

“Yoga is the journey of the self, through the self, to the self.” — The Bhagavad Gita




Class Session

Take advantage of the benefits of yoga with the community and feel the energy that we cumulate through breath and movement. 

maximum 8 students per session.


Private Session

Private sessions allow you to embark on your journey to self at your own pace, with the preference of privacy, just you and the instructor.


Why Private Yoga?

The balancing and grounding effects of yoga can improve your overall well-being, resulting in a reduction in stress, and an increase in energy and mental clarity. Furthermore, private lessons grant you the opportunity and comfortability to focus specifically on your individual needs, goals, flexibility, and strength. With primary attentiveness from the instructor, you will be able to quickly learn yoga poses, breathing techniques, and improve your practice much faster than in a group class.

It can be hard to find the time to practice, but with private lessons, you possess the opportunity to practice on your own schedule. This enables you to preserve a consistent practice in order to reap the benefits that yoga offers.

Once you book the service that works best for you, I will schedule a complimentary call to discuss the goals you wish to acquire from yoga. 

Explore our services below. I’d be so delighted to aid in the beginning and/or continuation of your journey. Book today!

  • Private and Semi-Private services include aromatherapy.

  • Additional fees apply if client location exceeds a 15 mile radius